Date Review
8/20/2005 Review of From Brooklyn from (" This songs still reside with that grungy notion of angst-riddled tales and he gives us a more poetic side than he has before. Keep an eye on this guy, hes going places in the singer/songwriter realm of things.")
8/20/2005 Review of From Brooklyn from the-mag (" This is an impressive enough record before you consider the fact that almost all the instrumentation is provided by the man himself ... with a uniqueness that demands recognition. . ")
8/20/2005 Review of From Brooklunfrom Guy's Music Review Site (" Aaron is a singer-songwriter in the purest sense of the word, but one who's also trained, versatile and capable of mastering both analogue and digital musicianship, which enables him to create credible multi-layered music, both rock (in the broad sense of the word, like in 'The Morning' and 'Mr. Sam') as well as the usual, more sparse, fare. From Brooklyn is crammed with little sonic details (programmed beats, samples, string parts, etc) that pop up here and there, adding a cinematographic or occasionally even a slightly experimental edge to the music. ")
8/20/2005 Review of From Brooklyn from Leonard's Lair 58 (" A strong communicator..At only twenty-three years of age, this is a mature offering from Aaron with very decent production values. ")
7/4/2004 Review from Muse's Muse ("This is a very ambitious CD and Aaron pulls it off quite well. Hes got many pop tricks up his sleeve but he also has the ear and skill to weave them all together successfully...Aaron fuses acoustic, electric, sampled and programmed sounds into a very atmospheric soup. This is not high intensity rapid beat electronica noodling, it's thoughtful moody layered unusual pop.")