David Aaron is a 23-year-old New York City–based musician who in the last few years has started to make a name for himself. This Week in New York describes David Aaron's music as “wholly original, not derivative.” Demouniverse.com hails Aaron's “appealing melodies, thoughtful lyricism, and solid guitar work.”

As a childhood alto saxophone soloist in his native Brooklyn , Aaron explored the power of big band and bebop music in school ensembles. After being exposed to blues and rock, David gradually switched his focus to the guitar and bass. He played with various pickup groups through high school and entered Five Towns College of Music, where he currently studies jazz and recording technology. Between 1999 and 2001, he cut three albums for mp3.com . These recordings were well received, generating several thousand downloads from this pioneering website. In 2002, Aaron, now based in Astoria , NY , released his first independently produced and distributed collection, The Patchwork EP , to favorable reviews:

“David Aaron has attacked power pop and grunge and forced them to get along. . . .
The guitar is inventive and poetic. The vocals are perfectly matched with the rest of the musical vibe. . . . If the album has just an ounce of the power and originality that I'm hearing in this cut I'm sure its gonna turn some ears. . . .” Clint Gaige, Gods of Music

“Smooth vocals, smooth transitions from the verses into a hooky chorus full of potential
Top 40 splendor . . . killer arrangement and performance.” mp3magazine.net

2003 saw David Aaron expand his musical horizons. Highlights included:

•  Placement of the songs “1995” and “My Stand” in Brooklyn director Christina Zufferey's short film Venus as a Dog .

•  Recording cover of Brother Cane's “Wishpool” for a tribute by RockTrax records. Part of proceeds benefit Recording Artists Against Drunk Driving.

•  Placement of the songs “Answers in the Sun” and “Your Skin” on the ABC/Disney show Knock First.

•  Recording his second independently produced album , 12:00 Scenery (“This is a very ambitious CD and Aaron pulls it off quite well. He's got many pop tricks up his sleeve but he also has the ear and skill to weave them all together successfully . . . Aaron fuses acoustic, electric, sampled and programmed sounds into a very atmospheric soup. This is not high intensity rapid beat electronica noodling, it's thoughtful moody layered unusual pop.” The Muse's Muse )

In 2004 Aaron continues to explore the dual frontiers of film and recording:

•  Placed the songs “So Tired” and “Close My Eyes” from 12:00 Scenery in Glenn Baisley's horror films Sins of the Father and Fairview Falls ( www.lightanddark.net ).

•  Hired to score the feature film Little Chicago , directed by Richard Clabaugh ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0374826/ ). Theatrical release is scheduled for 2005.

•  Recorded covers of Porcupine Tree's “Strip the Soul” ( http://www.fusethesky.com/covers ) and The Spin Doctors' “Refrigerator Car” ( http://www.dunkelblau-online.de/Spinsite/sotm.html ) for tribute collections.

•  Working as a staff engineer doing sessions, arranging and producing for national artists at a major New York recording studio.

•  Recorded a new collection, Poor Wally Pipp , for release later this year. The album is by far his most accomplished work to date. Standout tracks include “Leave Today,” “The Mourning,” and “ Wild Garden .” Not only does Aaron play most of the instruments on this textured recording himself; he uses the studio as a true musical voice. In an age of cold digital recording, Aaron has managed to put together a multitrack opus that rocks hard but does not neglect to touch the soul as well.