Poor Wally Pipp - Diverse influences, layered production, strong songwriting and performances. Standouts include "Leave Today", "The Mouring", "Wild Garden" and "Waiting".

12:00 Scenery is David Aaron's most ambitious work to date. From uptemo rockers like 'Any Other Day' to ballads like 'When You Get Home' to the spooky instrumental title cut, this collection highlights the full spectrum of the artist's talent.


The Patchwork EP - 2002 was David Aaron's first effort after 3 early MP3.com albums. Here Aaron explores the newly accessible Mac/Motu recording environment as well as his knowledge of harmony and theory acquired at the Five Towns School of Music. The result, as the title suggests, draws from many styles:

With his warm, original singing voice and intense guitar style, Aaron is capable of throwing out hooks that have a way of sticking with you.  Sample songs from his new recording, The Patchwork EP , demonstrate Aaron's full range of talents.  He mixes acoustic guitars with electrics, and layers his lush vocals on top ("Someday").  "Your Skin" is a masterful garage rock, with its joyously rocking guitars, and chunky production style.  Aaron bares his soul in the (mostly) acoustic "1995," and has some jazzy fun with "Answers In the Sun." "My Stand" is a power rocker, then Aaron changes direction 180 degrees with the acoustic folk tune, "Blue." (hitsesion.com)